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Network: CW

A futuristic drama following juvenile prisoners sent back to a decimated Earth after it was destroyed by nuclear war.

97 years ago the Earth was decimated by nuclear Armageddon. The 400 remaining survivors took to 12 International space stations, where they repopulated their numbers over three generations.

With resources now running out, the 12 stations link together in order to keep the survivors alive. Population control measures are put into place as the leaders take all steps necessary to ensure their future. Part of this action includes secretly exiling 100 young prisoners back to Earth as a test to determine whether or not the planet is habitable.

For these 100 youths, Earth is full of mysteries that can be wondrous one moment and deadly the next. The survival of the human race is in their hands, and they must find a way to work together and forge a new path for mankind.

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Posted 06/08/17 at 23:14:33

From the pilot episode i was hooked on this show and since i just found out about it i am so excited that i have lots of episodes to watch and it gets better and better with each episode. LOVE it soooo much please keep it on air for a very long time thanks
Bernie Larsen
Posted 05/06/17 at 23:55:38

When this show started, I thought "Yeah, a pretty good little scifi /fantasy show..." but, man, has it grown bigger and better ever since! I rate this right up there with Game Of Thrones! For network t.v. it just doesn't come any better than this! Glad to see it renewed for season 5, and hopefully it remains for many more seasons to come after that!
Posted 03/26/17 at 14:16:47

Keep it on! Still my favorite show... I love the twist, characters and story - unpredictable!
Posted 03/21/17 at 16:41:05

Love this show.
mike dobey
Posted 03/10/17 at 16:44:30

Right on. Great news, Season five. This show always keeps up a high standard of good sci fi.
Posted 01/16/17 at 18:16:17

I Agee it gets better every episode. I see it is scheduled to start (tv guide) 2/1/17 but only 3 episodes are showing scheduled... I hope watchers watch it!
Posted 06/21/16 at 16:14:38

absolutely love this show and it gets better and better every season! completely addicting.
Raymond Tekker
Posted 06/20/16 at 19:44:57

Season 1 showed some promise, then it went pretty much down hill from there. Overall, this series is shallow and juvenile. Fine for daft tweens, but that's about it.
Posted 06/09/16 at 00:12:32

Love this show too
Shame it strayed so far from the books though
Posted 04/23/16 at 19:42:03

My favorite show!

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Eliza Taylor (Clarke)
Paige Turco (Abby)
Thomas McDonell (Finn)
Eli Goree (Wells)
Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia)
Bob Morley (Bellamy)
Kelly Hu (Cece)
Christopher Larkin (Monty)
Devon Bostick (Jasper)
Isaiah Washington (Jaha)
Henry Ian Cusick (Kane)