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Those Who Kill

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A crime drama following a detective tracking a serial killer.

Catherine Jensen is a Pittsburgh homicide detective who is hunting a serial killer and trying to solve a case from her past with the help of a forensic psychologist.

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Posted 06/07/16 at 16:07:16

Loved this show too!
Watch the movie Idiocrisy. You'll see the direction TV execs are moving toward.
Posted 08/05/15 at 02:03:16

I was into this show. Sick of the good shows going off the air. If they knew just how many actually watch these shows half would stay on. What is it based on that Nielsen rating system? Just silly.
Posted 01/28/15 at 02:40:09
reality show hater
Posted 01/19/15 at 15:16:02

I agree with all the other comments about tv execs and too, too many reality shows. reality shows are senseless and they make the worst come out of people. they needed have more shows like we had 20 years ago. reality TV sucks!
Posted 11/15/14 at 02:30:03

That's it. I am done with these channels. This was an amazing show. No more. They have lost me. And I will spread the word.
Posted 09/26/14 at 05:36:29

All shows like Those Who Kill, should just go to Netflix and stop bringing their shows to individual networks, as they and their viewers have no clue what good TV is!
Posted 09/26/14 at 05:29:15

It seems like everytime they put a Tv show out that has a good story line, good acting, and requires its viewers to think.......some stupid TV exec comes along and cancels it. Why? So we can make room for yet another mind numbing, stupid, so called, "reality " show.? I'm sick to death of all those stupid shows, Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Cement Heads (unfortunately I could rattle off about 3 pages worth of all the stupid shows like these) ....seriously people this is not good TV. This is an examples of, no imagination on both TV execs and the viewers of these stupid shows! Some of us still enjoy great series shows where there is ACTUAL ACTING!! Stop pulling what 's left of these shows, just because the "facebook generation " isn't tuning in. Some of us still actually enjoy shows with good story lines!!
Posted 09/24/14 at 12:19:47

Under the dome is renewed for a 3rd season and this thoughtful, intellegent series never had a chance. Moved around from channel to channel... Who looks at lifetime for this kind of show? Crazy. In the mean time we are offered duck dynasty and who is going to screw who..if they are that right combo of dumb and pretty,,, male and female alike! Ahhhh there is no reason to look for good series ,decisions based on talent, it stays if it is dumbed down enough to appeal to to who ever watches this brain dead, mind numbing crap, and as for the rwstmof is PBS ans british streaming..well, we still have AMC, FX and some of the offering on BBC America. ARGHH!!!
Ms. G
Posted 09/10/14 at 06:36:11

I am very disappointed that this show has been cancelled, I agree with some or the others. Instead of cancelling a show that actually causes you to use your brain cells, instead cancell one of these rachett reality shows, whose members sell their souls for a few coins and 15 minutes of fame. I sure hope Bates Motel isn't cancelled, I will not have anything to watch on the tube.
susan ferchak
Posted 08/28/14 at 09:21:19

Oh sorry I meant bummer not bomb

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Chloƫ Sevigny (Catherine)
James Morrison (Frank)
James D'Arcy (Thomas)
Omid Abtahi (Jerry)
Kerry O'Malley (Mia)
Bruce Davison (Howard)
Michael Rispoli (Don)
Anne Dudek (Benedicte)