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A docu-series following a teenaged boy adjusting to his father's transition into a woman.

Ben is a regular midwestern teenager who is dealing with a lot of family issues on top of his struggles at school. Not only are his parents recently divorced, but Ben's father is transitioning into a woman. Cameras in this reality series capture the emotional ups and downs that the whole family face during this big change.

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Posted 03/07/16 at 05:05:10

FINALLY! This is a refreshing reality series! In fact it's so refreshing, I wondered if it was a REAL reality series!!! The perspective of a teenage male that isn't into drugs and video games, doesn't snarl at his parents, isn't completely obsessed with his cell phone, and actually cares about the world makes this such a remarkably entertaining show! Finally a reality show that I not only love to watch, but I'm not embarrassed to admit that I watch! Thank you all for this quality television show! I can't wait till it comes back for its next season!
Posted 07/03/15 at 16:50:13

Not to be insensitive to the individuals involved, but haven't we "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT" enough with this type (if not subject) of show? Twenty years ago, people laughed at Jerry Springer, now TV execs seemed hell bent on bringing people's personal life train wrecks into our living rooms.

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Genre: Reality

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