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Significant Mother

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Network: CW

A comedy following a guy whose best friend starts dating his newly-separated mom.

Nate is a young Portland restaurateur whose life is turned upside down when he returns home from a business trip to learn that his best friend is now dating his recently separated mother.

Complicating matters, Nate's dad now wants his mom back, leaving Nate right in the middle of a family feud and his friend's first serious relationship.

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Comments (2)

Posted 02/05/16 at 14:28:57

I don't understand why there hasn't been another episode since 10-05-2015! What's up with that!
Melissa M
Posted 08/30/15 at 18:52:42

I had no idea this show was on, if not for this website. I just caught up on the first 4 episodes and it is a fun show. Nice cameo in the 4th episode of "Bernie" from weekend at bernie's, too.

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Genre: Comedy

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Josh Zuckerman (Nate)
Krista Allen (Lydia)
Jonathan Silverman (Harrison)
Nathaniel Buzolic (Jimmy)
Emma Fitzpatrick (Sam)