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American Crime Story

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A true crime anthology series featuring some of history's most infamous criminals.

Each installment of this anthology series takes place at a point in history surrounding a high-profile crime along with the key figures involved on both sides of the law.

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Posted 04/28/16 at 06:44:03

Yes Sandija, the second season is going to be about Hurricane Katrina and peoples perspectives during it
Posted 04/06/16 at 00:03:14

What's Next? Second Season? Different Story?
Posted 02/02/16 at 04:37:48

Ryan Murphy and subtlety had a really nasty breakup many years ago. Expect an extremely over-the-top absurd crapfest, which in this case is appropriate, since that is exactly what the OJ trial was.
Posted 11/14/15 at 06:39:43

could be good

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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