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Network: NBC

A comedy following empty nesters whose kids and parents move in with them.

Mike and Martina spent 20 years raising their kids and are getting ready to enjoy an empty house where they can reclaim their wild side. But these empty nesters barely get a chance to revel in their new-found freedom when both of their daughters surprise them by moving back. To fill up the house even more, Mike's parents decide to hold off on retiring to Florida and move in as well.

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Comments (9)

Posted 08/18/16 at 23:53:19

oh boo! this was a keeper! so sorry to hear it's been cancelled!
Posted 06/10/16 at 19:38:28

Fun show. Can't believe NBC blew it again!
Posted 06/07/16 at 09:22:35

I can't believe someone at NBC didn't cancel this train wreck before it made it to the air. Don't misunderstand, Patrick Warburton is a favorite of mine (Rules of Engagement etc...) but the supporting acting, as well as the writing was abysmal. Keech yelled every line, the 2 daughters were totally unlikable, both Carlease Burke and Carrie Preston were not suited at all for this type of show. Preston, who I do like otherwise, literally paused after each punch line waiting for the (supposedly) studio audience to laugh. I think Warburton could sense the garbage heap he signed on for after a while, based on his even less, than usual, enthusiastic line delivery. If Netflix were to pick this show up, as mentioned above, they'd darn near have to re-cast and redirect the show so far, they may as well just get Patrick Warburton a new show all together.
Chris A
Posted 06/06/16 at 15:55:45

You have to be kidding! Finally a good comedy and this. Geez!
Posted 05/23/16 at 11:16:00

I think Netflix should pick it up
Jackson Windham
Posted 05/21/16 at 21:06:30

This is why NBC is always hurting for shows, they don't give them time to build a viewership base. Friends was almost cancelled the first year. Give a show time to develop.
Posted 05/19/16 at 12:50:38

NBC...I'm about to give up on you. This is a good show.
Posted 04/15/16 at 16:57:16

Love this show. This is my first exposure to Patrick Warburton and am now a fan. His humor is so low-key if you're not careful you'll miss his punch
The casting is good, the storyline is good as are the production values. However, Keach does go over the top one in a while, but I ignore it 'cause I like the rest of the show.
And, it's nice to watch a show where the marriage is on a good foundation and the two of them like each other.
Posted 03/16/16 at 12:19:39

....watched the first two episodes.....bit of a bore....not giving up...yet.

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Genre: Comedy

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Patrick Warburton (Mike)
Carrie Preston (Martina)
Stacy Keach (Bob)
Carlease Burke (Alice)
Miranda Cosgrove (Shea)
Mia Serafino (Stella)