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Network: Syfy

A drama following the disappearance of a Philadelphia cop's wife.

Flynn is a decorated FBI agent from Baltimore with a dark past. After his wife disappears, his investigation leads him to a secret government unit that hunts ruthless terrorists that may or may not be from this world.

Inspired by Whitley Strieber's best-selling novel, Alien Hunter.

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Comments (7)

Posted 10/29/16 at 07:35:50

This show is fantastic why on earth cancel it
Posted 07/18/16 at 17:13:22

This is why it's hard to get involved in a new show on this channel!!You invest your time and then they cancel. Syfy and Fox are 2 of the worst.
Posted 07/12/16 at 01:56:16

Well, to all of you who like to comment in the negative when a show is canceled, might I suggest you send constructive comments to Syfy right after that 15 minutes of the first episode; and perhaps they might improve the product.
Letting us all know 13 weeks later what a prescient person you were is either a lie, or just juvenile.
Flow, you are right on the mark.
What angered me the most was the fact that the Syfy intro to episode 13 last night stated that this was the "season finale" during the final episode of the series!
That is either a really bonehead move, or Syfy doesn't give a damn about their viewers enough to re-record the intros.
Posted 07/10/16 at 18:27:13

No wonder it's cancelled, never heard of it until I saw this!
Posted 06/16/16 at 10:50:26

I like Hunters ! Just when shows get good, SciFi cancels
Dominion and Defiance are good examples.
Winona Ryder, Dark Matter, and Killjoys - solid sci-fi
Posted 06/09/16 at 00:22:03

This is a great show. I feel like they could do so much more, so I really hope Syfy decides to renew. We really do need more science fiction shows!
Posted 05/25/16 at 18:42:00

I hope this show does not get cancelled. It's very unique and interesting. The actors are not all that bad!

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Nathan Phillips (Flynn)
Britne Oldford (Regan)
Julian McMahon (McCarthy)