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Mary + Jane

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Network: MTV

A comedy following two friends who run a marijuana delivery service in L.A.

Jordan and Paige are two best friends in their twenties who operate an all-female weed delivery service in Los Angeles. And while they may be pot dealers, they like to view themselves as entrepreneurs - what with their dope delivery app becoming more popular by the day with hipsters and celebrities.

These girls have the drive the succeed in their venture, as long as they can get the job done with as little effort as possible.

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Posted 04/10/17 at 15:26:12

actually enjoyed the show. HAD TO BE A STONER TO DO SO. it was 20 mins of watching two hot girls smoke. WHATS WRONG WITH THAT
Posted 02/26/17 at 14:47:53

Well if it was the cast of half baked the show would of lasted
michael dobey
Posted 02/11/17 at 12:38:28

The viewers were too stoned to remember what channel this was on.
Posted 09/05/16 at 23:25:05

And this is why MTV has sucked for the last 2 decades
Posted 09/05/16 at 05:12:59

Sounds good. Now lets see if the cast can live up to the magic that makes a sucessful series. MKL&ML

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Genre: Comedy

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Scout Durwood (Jordan)
Jessica Rothe (Paige)