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Feb 07, 2017 - Present




Comedy / Drama


Maddie - Inbar LaviEzra - Rob HeapsRichard - Parker YoungJules - Marianne RendónPatrick - Stephen BishopMax - Brian BenbenSally - Katherine LaNasa

A black comedy following a con artist who attracts various lovers only to rob them of everything.

Maddie is a beautiful, yet dangerous, persona-shifting con artist who specializes in getting involved in relationships before robbing her victims of everything.

But things get interesting when a few of Maddie's former targets find each other and team up to track her down. Complicating matters further, while pursuing her newest mark Maddie falls for a potential love interest, threatening to derail her assignment and upset her mysterious boss.

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04/05/18 at 06:40pm

I'm glad ISMC posted the season 2 return date for this show. I had never heard of it, so I checked it out and found positive comments. I streamed the first episode and immediately added Imposters to my Tivo season's pass. Thanks imsc and all of you that took the time to post comments.
Richard J. Blanco
04/16/17 at 12:20pm

Great show do not cancel
Maida Fruen
04/13/17 at 08:31pm

Do not cancel love this show
03/29/17 at 06:37pm

Finally a show that does not drag out!! Every episode is amazing. This show is great!!! Keeps you guessing !!
Lori Steinbacher
03/29/17 at 03:15pm

Do NOT cancel this show. Finally a show that I can't figure out what's coming next. Most shows have a script that is so predictable but not this one. I love this show. I watched the preview for the show Prison Break and was surprised that one of the main characters is Maddie from Imposters. I am worried that Imposters will be cancelled because "Maddie" can't star in 2 shows at the same time.
03/16/17 at 11:50am

I love this show its fun and interesting. Totally different to those dumb comedies. Thanks Bravo!!! Please renew it for Season 2.
02/19/17 at 07:30am

So far so good! Different, but interesting.
02/14/17 at 07:29pm

Saw the Pilot.Seemed interesting and a bit different.

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