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Aug 03, 2017 - Present






Kimberly - Kellie MartinWilfred - Charlie RobinsonVivian - Carly JibsonFrank - Lou WilsonEmma - Aloma WrightAndrew - Garret DillahuntJessica - Laura Bell BundyEddie - Eddie Steeples

A comedy following the employees and visitors of a rental cottage in a small mountain town.

This anthology-style comedy tells the stories of various residents of the small mountain town of Mount Trace who interact with visitors renting the Froggy Cottage vacation home. It's a tiny cottage in a tiny town, but its guests all bring their special brand of crazy.

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Troy simmons
02/22/19 at 12:11pm

1st season was great..2nd disappointing
Nancy J.
10/31/18 at 08:44pm

This show is hilarious. So glad it's renewed!
Christie Hughes
09/29/17 at 07:27pm

Oh yes!! Just finished watching the last episode. Then i had to check here. Im ecstatic its been renewed tyvm! this show. Hope it returns very soon
09/14/17 at 09:01pm

Cute, silly show. But fun. :)

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