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Jul 09, 2019 - Present




Comedy / Reality


Judge - Kenan ThompsonJudge - Chrissy TeigenJudge - Jeff FoxworthyHost - Amanda Seales

A competition series where comedy acts perform in front of an audience for the chance to win $250,000.

Bring the Funny features some of the best performers from every style of comedy. From stand-up comics, sketch troupes and variety acts to puppeteers, musicians, and YouTubers - if they can make an audience laugh, they have the chance to win a grand prize of $250,000.

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09/13/19 at 12:33pm

This show is called Bring the Funny. As I sit here watching the final performances I am still wondering where is the funny? Because nobody I’ve seen on this show has brought it. I guess they all left it at home
Bill Bailey
09/09/19 at 03:52am

How did Chrissy Tegen get a job on this show? She's like fingernails on a blackboard who is neither funny nor a comic. Plastic, fake, and not believable. I'm sorry for both Foxworthy and Kenan I like them both but lets face it some of those acts have a glimmer of hope but others couldn't win a high school talent show if their mother was a judge, (Tegen is one of those), and finding something "nice" to say about the talent is too much. May it die a quick and painless death.
08/17/19 at 01:47am

While I can understand the appreciation for some of the acts by professionals (Foxworthy, Thompson), they are looking at it from a different standpoint than the audience – as professionals appreciating others working their craft. The sketches are less funny than what SNL has devolved into, which is sadly a pretty low bar. I miss the golden era of sketch comedy (e.g., Belushi, Chase, Burnett, Conway, Korman, et al.). Get Carol Burnett to guest judge and mentor some of the troupes beforehand, and they might have something. Otherwise, they need to stick to the standup singles – they have at least brought _some_ of the funny.
07/22/19 at 06:23am

I wanted to like this show (although I cannot stand Chrissy Teagon), but after the first show the acts are not that funny nor, in some cases, intelligible. And why show us 30 seconds of an act? If you don't have enough faith in that act to show us the whole thing, then move on. And the acts that are being selected to go through to the next round are questionable at best!
07/11/19 at 07:31am

I liked this pilot. The judges are good--especially Jeff Foxworthy! However, I really didn't care for the host (I STILL didn't get her name at the end); she seems to yell everything and doesn't speak very clearly. The first act that came out, I'm very glad he said his name (Matt Rice) because I had NO clue what she said! Either tell her to stop yelling and pronounce her words clearer or get a new host! Other than that awful host, the show was pretty funny and I agreed with most of the judges picks at the end. I hope NBC gives this show a fair chance and that it lasts because I think it could be a great show. :)

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