Proven Innocent

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Feb 15, 2019 - May 10, 2019




Drama / Legal


Madeline - Rachelle LefevreLevi - Riley SmithEasy - Russell HornsbyBodie - Vincent KartheiserViolet - Nikki M. JamesGore - Kelsey Grammer

A legal drama following one woman's fight for the innocence of others as well as her own.

Madeline Scott is the uncompromising head of an underdog criminal defense firm. Her mission to set innocent people free stems from being wrongfully convicted of murder when she was 18. Her partner at the firm, Easy Boudreau, is the lawyer who helped set her free after spending 10 years of her life behind bars.

While she may be a hero and victim to some, Madeline's bold tactics are not appreciated by Gore Bellows, the prosecutor who secured her conviction and still believes in her guilt.

But despite Bellows' incessant quest to see her locked up, Madeline puts her energy towards defending others, even while fighting to maintain her innocence and possibly find the real killer in her own case.

Comments (4)

05/15/19 at 03:51pm

I liked this show and "For the People", which is also getting cancelled. Perhaps I'm watching too much TV anyway:(
Mary Duff
05/12/19 at 08:59am

A great show. Only complaint I personally have is the lesbian part. I have no problem with people choosing their own sexual desire but I hate it that every time I get into a great show this gets thrown in.
04/21/19 at 08:16pm

I absolutely love this show. I look forward to every episode. Please renew it! Such an Awesome Show!!!
03/10/19 at 08:38am

This show is the typical liberal garbage that's taking over. I'm finished already. Roswell, New Mexico had promise and I finally couldn't take that anymore either, same reason.

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