Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

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Jan 10, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020




Drama / Crime


Lincoln - Russell HornsbyAmelia - Arielle KebbelFelix - Tate EllingtonRae - Courtney GrosbeckEric - Ramses JimenezKate - Brooke LyonsClaire - Roslyn RuffRick - Michael Imperioli

A crime drama inspired by the best-selling novel "The Bone Collector".

It has been three years since the notorious serial killer known as "The Bone Collector" terrified the citizens of New York City. But when an elaborate murder signals that he might be back, it brings former detective and forensic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme out of retirement and onto the case.

Rhyme's connection to the killer is personal, as he was previously paralyzed by one of his traps. Teaming up with an intuitive young officer with a gift for profiling, the unlikely duo begin a deadly game of cat and mouse with the brilliant psychopath.

Comments (11)

Bob Novak
06/19/20 at 05:08pm

I tried several times to like this show but Russell Hornsby is just unwatchable, Michael Imperioli feels... out of place - I like him but he just didn't seem right (or perhaps everything else was wrong..). Arielle Kebbel is unconvincing.. and I agree with other comments that they way they laid the story out just didn't make sense.

Another thing that bothered me was the 'technology'.. its a writing shortcut/cheat that they leaned on to resolve problems telling the story that I think, in fact, sort of ruined it. It would have opened opportunities to develop the relationships and tension, provide room for the antagonist to succeed because of mistakes and oversights, etc...

The cast has does things elsewhere so I have to believe this is one of those shows where direction, writing and the studio had more to do with its demise.
06/14/20 at 09:56am

Damn! That does it...from now on, whenever a new show begins that I think I might be interested in, I will record all episodes, and not even begin to watch until I can be assured it will not suddenly disappear. I am sick and tired of every show I start watching unceremoniously pulled leaving me hanging.
06/12/20 at 07:34am

Why?! I loved this show!
06/10/20 at 11:41am

And it's cancelled.
04/15/20 at 04:49am

Love this show. Please re-new.
04/04/20 at 05:43am

Limited plot options and bad casting sorry
Pat Mac
03/27/20 at 05:57pm

Please Get a New Lead actor Russell Hornsby is not the best at this acting thing
03/08/20 at 07:48pm

Not a bad show except Russell Hornsby is terrible. Hard to watch him “act”.
Couch Potato
01/10/20 at 07:22pm

The show is slightly intriguing. What spoils movies and shows like this, is when the killer is revealed too soon. As the viewing audience member it would've been nice to be apart of the cat and mouse of catching (guessing) who the killer is. If the show is based on catching "the bone collector", I don't see how this show last more than one season.
Traveler 6937
01/10/20 at 02:13pm

Interesting show, i never watched the movie, but I can't wait for the next episode.

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