August 29, 2011

After airing only four episodes, CBS' new celebrity-life-swap series, Same Name, has been pulled from the network's schedule. Reruns of The Good Wife will air in its place.

Same Name premiered in late July, airing after episodes of Big Brother. The show features two people - one of whom is a celebrity - with the same name swapping lives for short period of time. The show pulled in less-than-stellar ratings over its run, likely leading to its early demise. The first four episodes features David Hasselhoff, Kathy Griffin, Mike Tyson, and Reggie Bush. Six episodes were originally on the schedule, meaning two will go unaired. It was not announced who the remaining celebrities were going to be.

While repeat airings of The Good Wife will likely rate even lower than new Same Name episodes, CBS probably views this as a good opportunity to get viewers accustomed to finding the legal drama on Sundays, which will be its new home for Season 3.

(Source: TV Guide)