August 25, 2014

Lost Girl star Anna Silk took to Twitter this morning to announce that the series will be ending after its fifth season. The actress posted a heartfelt video message to fans of the show, where she told them, "After five incredible seasons, we have decided that it is time for Bo's journey to come to an epic conclusion."

The actress went on to deliver the news that Season 5 will be a super-sized 16 episodes that will air in two parts. It is expected that the premiere will air late this year on Showcase in Canada, with the second half of the season airing in the fall of 2015. A time frame for the show's return to Syfy for U.S. audiences is not known at this time.

Update: Season 5 of Lost Girl will premiere on Syfy on Friday, April 17, 2015 at 10:00pm.