July 28, 2017

It's official - Nickelodeon's superhero family comedy The Thundermans will be coming to an end after its current fourth season. The cable network confirmed the news to j-14.com today, though fans following the show's cast on social media may have noticed a few farewell posts in recent days on Twitter and Instagram.

The Thundermans follows an outwardly-typical family similar to many others, but in actuality they each possess super-human abilities. To make things more complicated, the eldest twin siblings both have the same superpowers, with one being an aspiring villain while the other wants to use her powers as little as possible.

But while the show's ending has been confirmed, there are still a good number of episodes remaining that are set to air well into 2018. A finale date has not been announced at this time, but when all is said and done The Thundermans will tally an impressive 103 total episodes.