October 26, 2017

Netflix announced today that mockumentary American Vandal has been renewed for a second season. The satirical series premiered last month and has been garnering critical acclaim for its comedic, yet thought-provoking, take on some of the streaming service's recent popular true crime documentaries such as Making a Murderer.

The first season of American Vandal follows a high school senior who becomes the lead suspect after 27 faculty cars are spray painted with phallic images. His history as the class clown leads to his presumed guilt, but a suspicious sophomore becomes his unlikely ally as they launch an investigation into who was really behind the crime.

A short preview clip for Season 2 was posted on Netflix's YouTube channel, seemingly indicating that the series will take the anthology route and focus on a new crime each season. The 32-second video doesn't show much, only focusing on a few yearbook photos with a voice-over stating, "You can be born into the perfect family, the perfect school, the perfect life. But can you be born above the law?"

Look for Amercan Vandal to return for its second season in 2018.