January 30, 2018

Word is out that Hulu has cancelled Shut Eye after two seasons. Show star Jeffrey Donovan broke the news this afternoon with a post on his Twitter account, expressing gratitude to Hulu and Sony for being enjoyable to work for.

The drama premiered in 2016 and aired a total of 20 episodes. While critical and audience reception was mixed, it did find its share of fans. As is typical for streaming shows, viewership numbers are not made public, though audience interest would likely be a key factor into today's decision.

Shut Eye follows a former magician-turned-scam artist who oversees a chain of fortune-telling parlors for his domineering kingpin boss. When he suffers a blow to the head, his life is shaken up to the point where he questions everything he has ever believed. Now experiencing bizarre visions and losing track of time, he starts realizing there may be some truths beyond his fraudulent lifestyle.