February 20, 2018

Disney Channel has announced that Andi Mack will be returning for a third season. The news was made official on yesterday's Good Morning America, when the show's cast was informed of the pickup.

The coming-of-age family dramedy follows the 13-year-old titular character, whose life is turned upside down when she discovers that her older sister is actually her mother. This unexpected revelation sends Andi on an uncharted journey of self-discovery with her best friends by her side.

Andi Mack has charted new territory for the kid-targeted network, focusing on more diverse and mature-themed storylines than are typically found in most of its series. The show is currently 12 episodes into its sophomore season, with a special hour-long episode slated for this Friday. The rest of Season 2 expected to continue in June, with Season 3 premiering later this year.