March 8, 2018

Another show from years past is making its way back to TV. CMT announced today that it is reviving Wife Swap, the former ABC social experiment that originally premiered over a decade ago.

The premise of the show sees mothers from two families with diverse values switching homes in order to give each other the chance to see how the other raises their children. The moms must first adopt to their temporary family's lifestyle before they get to try things their own way, forcing the family to adopt a new set of rules.

Wife Swap first debuted in 2004, airing for six years until being cancelled in 2010. Less than two years later, the network tried out a celebrity edition of the show, which ran for four seasons until 2015.

This latest revival by CMT will see the show come to cable television for the first time. The move comes as the network is moving completely away from scripted fare, with Nashville ending its run this year.