July 16, 2018

CBS announced today that Ransom has been picked up for a third season. It's an interesting move for the network; one that seems to indicate that it will continue support original programming on Saturday nights.

The internationally-produced suspense drama premiered as a mid-season entry early last year, receiving little fanfare in its Saturday time slot. And while it appeared CBS was just burning off its episodes on the least cared about day of the week, the network ended up renewing the show for a sophomore run this spring - also on Saturday nights. With consistent viewership and little competition, CBS seems happy to continue the series in 2019.

Ransom follows a veteran hostage negotiator whose team works to resolve some of the most difficult kidnap and ransom cases. The team uses its insight into human behavior to resolve these intense situations while refusing to resort to violence no matter the stakes.

Another 13 episodes have been ordered for Season 3, matching the lengths of its first two seasons. Look for a return next Spring.