October 22, 2018

Netflix announced this morning that Disenchantment has been picked up for Season 2. The good news comes two months after the premiere of the animated comedy's first season, which has so far only released half its planned 20 episodes. The second half of Season 1 is slated to drop in 2019.

The staggered release schedule may not please fans looking forward to timely new content, but it will see the half-hour series on the air for the foreseeable future. Season 2, which will also consist of 20 episodes, is not planned for release any sooner than 2020, with the second half then coming in 2021.

Disenchantment is the latest effort from The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening. The series follows Princess Bean, who lives in the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. Though while she has princess duties to tend to, she would prefer to spend her time drinking and playing cards. Her unsophisticated father, King Zog, wants her to marry one of the local princes, but the free-spirited Bean is too busy wreaking havoc with her demon and elf pals.