February 14, 2019

It looks like Wrecked has reached the end of its run. According to star Zach Cregger, TBS will not be ordering a fourth season of the deserted-island comedy. The star recently replied to a fan on Twitter, who asked about a new season, stating that it will not be happening.

The news is not much of a surprise, as the cable network has been quiet on the show's future since its last renewal back in 2017. The series has seen its ratings slip over the course of its run, after a breakout premiere season in 2016 where it ranked as one of cable TV's top new comedies.

Wrecked follows the aftermath of a plane crash that strands a group of survivors on a deserted island. Disconnected from comforts like wi-fi and indoor plumbing, they each adapt to their new surroundings differently.