July 26, 2019

Now Apocalypse has been cancelled by Starz after just one season, the cable network confirmed today at the Television Critics Association's summer tour. The news comes two months following the comedy's now-series finale.

The half-hour show premiered in March for a 10-episode run that fared reasonably well with critics. Ratings, though, were a different story, as it failed to find a sizable audience.

Now Apocalypse follows a guy named Ulysses who is struggling to figure out his life in the perplexing and surreal city of Los Angeles, California. Him and his three friends are all coming of age as they pursue love, sex, and fame. During his adventures, Ulysses becomes uneasy after experiencing foreboding dreams that leave him wondering if there is a dark, monstrous conspiracy at play, or if he is just smoking too much weed.