September 27, 2019

It is being reported that Freeform has cancelled Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists after just one season. The sad news comes four months after the drama aired its freshman finale - which will now be its series ender.

The quick cancellation is a disappointment, as the show was a spin-off of one of the cable network's most-successful original series. The original Pretty Little Liars ran for seven seasons and aired 160 episodes, attracting a devoted core young audience. While The Perfectionists featured some cast members from PLL, it ultimately failed to garner much attention during its short 10-episode run.

The series took place in the picturesque town of Beacon Heights, where everything seems perfect from the outside looking in. But in reality, nothing is as it appears, and the stress of trying to be perfect all the time leads to the town's first murder. Five students, with more in common than they ever thought, work together in an attempt to solve the crime. But behind every perfectionist is a secret, a lie, and a much-needed alibi.