October 15, 2019

It appears we have our first cancellation of the 2019-2020 season, as NBC is pulling Sunnyside from its schedule after this Thursday's episode. The move comes four weeks into the comedy's run.

Since its premiere on September 26, the half-hour series has struggled to find an audience on Thursday nights. Its ratings and overall viewership numbers are among the lowest of the freshman class, making it an easy target for the early ax.

In its place beginning October 24, NBC will air the final season of Will & Grace, which wasn't originally scheduled to premiere until early next year. As for the remaining seven episodes of Sunnyside, they will be released online weekly via the network's various platforms like NBC.com and the NBC app.

Sunnyside stars Kal Penn as New York City Councilman Garrett Modi, who ended up losing his way after getting caught up in the glamour and power associated with the position. But when he ended up in trouble for public intoxication, his career was over. When Garrett is hired by a diverse group of idealists who dream of becoming American citizens, it helps him find a new sense of purpose and a chance to redeem himself.