July 29, 2021

Netflix announced today that Sweet Tooth has been picked up for a second season. The good news comes just under two months after the fantasy drama released its freshman run, which garnered strong viewership and mostly favorable reviews from critics.

Fans will surely be pleased to know that Season 2 is on the way, as the season finale ended with multiple active storylines and a big cliffhanger in the final scene.

Based on the DC Comic of the same name, Sweet Tooth is set after a catastrophic event leaves the earth in ruins, which results in the emergence of babies who are born part-human, part-animal. After 10 years of seclusion, a lovable boy who is half-deer begins a perilous journey across the post-apocalyptic world, in search of a new beginning along with a gruff loner who acts as his protector.

Look for Season 2 of Sweet Tooth in 2023.