April 1, 2022

CBS Media Ventures announced today that The Drew Barrymore Show has been picked up for a third season. The syndicated talk show will return for the 2022-2023 season with a new format that fits CBS' plan to reimagine traditional daytime programming.

For next season, the show will be produced as two separate half-hour episodes that can either be aired back-to-back or split up into different time slots. This is because some CBS stations will be launching new half-hour local newscasts that will serve as lead-ins to the first half-hour of The Drew Barrymore Show. There is also the ability to air both half-hours of the show in markets where the company owns two stations.

Hosted by Drew Barrymore, the show features topics ranging from current news and human interest stories to pop culture and comedy. Together with her guests, Drew has discussions that encourage growth and finding heart and humor in life. Nationally, the show ranks as the fastest growing daytime talk show, and one of only two in the genre to gain total viewers year to year.