March 1, 2023

It is being reported by Deadline that USA Network has cancelled Snake in the Grass after one season. The news comes nearly six months after the competition series wrapped its 8-episode freshman run.

The show premiered last fall, first airing a preview episode in prime time on NBC before its move to USA Network for its regular run. Similar to other recent competition shows like 'The Traitors,' Snake in the Grass enlisted a group of reality stars as part of the contestant group, including the likes of Rachel Reilly and Janelle Pierzina from 'Big Brother' and Cirie Fields and Yul Kwon from 'Survivor.'

Each episode of the show drops four players into the Central American jungle for 36 hours, where they compete in various physical and mind-twisting challenges. One of the players is actually the 'Snake', and has the job of sabotaging the others to prevent them from winning challenges. This is because each challenge win offers the team a clue to the identity of the Snake. At the end, the players try to guess the Snake's identity. If they are right, the three of them split a $100,000 prize. If not, the Snake keeps all the money.