June 29, 2023

MGM+ announced today that From has been renewed for a third season. The news comes less than a week after the sci-fi horror series wrapped its 10-episode sophomore run, which again garnered positive reviews from viewers and critics.

"The first two seasons of From captivated critics and terrified and engaged fans, who have formed a thriving online community that is trying to put the pieces together week by week as the secrets of the nightmarish town - and possibly beyond - are slowly revealed," said Michael Wright, head of MGM+. "We can't wait for fans to see the surprises ahead in season three, which promises more scares and mysteries, but also more answers."

The hour-long series takes place in a nightmarish middle American town that traps everybody who enters. As the unwilling residents search for a way out while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, they also face the threats of the surrounding forest - including terrifying creatures that come out at night.

Look for Season 3 of From in 2024.