July 13, 2023

Discovery announced today that Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing has been renewed for Season 2. The news comes days ahead of this Sunday's freshman finale, which will wrap a solid debut outing which saw the reality show become Discovery Channel's highest-rated series of 2023 to date.

"Naked and Afraid is one of Discovery's top franchises and we knew audiences resonated with Last One Standing as ratings continued to build week after week," said Howard Lee, President of Discovery Networks and TLC. "We are giving viewers more of what they crave."

The series follows 12 of Naked and Afraid's most experienced all-stars as they head to South Africa to face its punishing Oribi Gorge in a new type of challenge. For the first time, survivalists compete against each other in a grueling, multiphase challenge that tests their primitive skills for the chance to win $100,000. The competitors can use any means necessary - even sabotage - to take home the grand prize.