September 12, 2023

It looks like Bump's run on US television has been cut short. The CW has pulled the Australian dramedy from its schedule midway through its second season. The remaining episodes will reportedly be made available on the CW app.

The network acquired the series last year, debuting the first season last summer. Then this June it was announced that Season 2 has been picked up, but this time around ratings must have not met their expectations. The show has already aired three seasons on original network Stan in Australia, with a fourth on the way.

Bump follows Olympia, an overachieving 17-year-old student with a steady boyfriend and a 10-year plan that includes learning International relations and working for the UN. At school Oly collapses and is taken to the hospital only to learn that she is in labor. In shock, she rejects the baby entirely, unable to acknowledge that the baby's father is not her boyfriend, but the son of her mom's work crush. Both families involved clash over differing expectations, with the arrival of the baby setting them off in different directions.