October 6, 2023

Netflix announced today that Castlevania: Nocturne has been renewed for Season 2. The pickup is an early one, coming just a week after the animated series released its freshman run. In its first five days, the show reached the streamer's Top 10 English TV List and was Top 10 in 40 countries.

"Thanks to all of the Castlevania fans old and new for the amazing response and support!" said creator/showrunner/writer Clive Bradley and showrunner Kevin Kolde. "We are excited to be able to bring you more Castlevania: Nocturne and the next chapter in the rise of Richter Belmont."

Serving as the next installment of the video game-based universe, the show is set 300 years after the end of the original series, which ran for four seasons on Netflix. As revolution sweeps France in 1792, Richter Belmont, son of Sypha and Trevor, fights to uphold his family's legacy and prevent the rise of a ruthless, power-hungry vampire ruler and his elite order of vampires secretly manipulating French society.