November 14, 2023

FX announced today that Welcome to Wrexham has been picked up for a third season. The news comes ahead of tonight's sophomore finale, which will see the football club face either promotion or the dreaded playoff.

"The wild global success of Welcome to Wrexham is a testament to the courage and vision of Rob and Ryan, the dogged spirit of the Red Dragons, and the hope and devotion of the people of Wrexham," said Nick Grad, President, FX Entertainment. "It's a story that has only begun to be told and one that everyone can continue to follow along with in the third season. Our thanks to the creative team who captured these thrilling moments and everyone who achieved what seemed impossible only a short time ago."

The series follows actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds after their 2020 joint purchase of the 5th tier Red Dragons in North Wales, UK with hopes of turning around the struggling football club. Cameras capture the growing pains of the new owners, as neither one had experience in football or even working with each other.

Season 3 of Welcome to Wrexham is targeting a premiere in spring 2024.