March 21, 2024

In a surprise drop, Paramount+ has released the first six episodes of the long-awaited sci-fi adventure Ark: The Animated Series. Based on the hit video game "Ark: Survival Evolved," the show was first announced in 2020 but was not tied to any distribution platform until now.

A sweeping saga that spans eons, the show follows Helena Walker, an Australian paleontologist on 21st-century Earth who awakens to find herself in the middle of a vast ocean, washing up on the shore of a strange island. There she meets Bob, a tribal hunter who teachers her the way of survival. They come to learn that they arrived to this world in the same manner. In a strange new land filled with prehistoric beasts, foreign technology, and warring tribes, Helena must do whatever it takes to survive and find a way back to her world.

The remaining seven episodes of the season will premiere at a later date.