May 13, 2024

NBC announced today that Seth Meyers has signed on to host Late Night with Seth Meyers for another three seasons, taking it to at least 2028. The deal follows up the previous four-year pact for Meyers and the show, which is in its fourth iteration after previously being hosted by David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Fallon.

Meyers, who used to be the head writer for Saturday Night Live, has done well in making 'Late Night' his own. His 'A Closer Look' segments have become notably popular in recent years, also finding a sizeable audience on the show's YouTube channel.

"Over the last 10 years, Seth has resonated with his audience night after night with a sharp monologue and established segments such as 'A Closer Look' and 'Day Drinking,'" said Katie Hockmeyer, Executive Vice President, Late Night Programming, NBCUniversal Entertainment. "We're so happy to continue this legacy franchise with Seth at the helm and watch him continue to elevate the success of 'Late Night.'"

Today's deal will bring Late Night with Seth Meyers up to a total of 14 years on the air. The show is now guaranteed to surpass the length of Letterman's 11-year run, though it still has not quite caught up to O'Brien, whose time on 'Late Night' spanned 16 years.