May 17, 2024

Amazon's Prime Video has announced that its upcoming thriller, Cross, has already been picked up for a second season. The news comes before a premiere date has been set for the show's freshman run, which will make its global debut sometime later this year.

"I am thrilled to be embarking on another chapter of Cross. Moments like this don't happen by accident," says Ben Watkins, creator and showrunner. "Getting a Season 2 pick-up before our first season even drops is a huge testament and vote of confidence in the amazing work that our crew, cast, directors, writers and production team have delivered thus far. It's also a direct result of the unwavering support bestowed upon us by Prime Video and our producing partners at Paramount TV Studios, Skydance and James Patterson Entertainment. I am grateful for all of the above and can't wait to run it back even bigger and better."

Based on the novels written by best-selling author James Patterson, the series follows Alex Cross, a detective and forensic psychologist with the unique capability of digging into the psyches of killers and their victims in order to identify - and ultimately capture - the murderers.