May 21, 2024

Apple TV+ announced today that it has acquired Season 2 of Drops of God. The news comes nearly a full year after the multilingual French-Japanese drama wrapped its 8-episode run, which garnered high praise from both critics and viewers alike.

Adapted from the bestselling Japanese manga series of the same name, the show follows Camille, the only daughter of renowned wine connoisseur Alexandre Léger, who has just passed away. After flying from Paris to Tokyo, Camille realizes her father has left her what experts call the greatest wine collection in the world. But to claim the inheritance, Camille must compete against her dad's student, a brilliant young oenologist, Issei Tomine.

In the second season of Drops of God, Camille and Issei once again face a nearly impossible challenge: to uncover the origin of the world's most wonderful wine, a secret that even her father failed to unlock. Through a series of trials and tests, their quest will take them to remote corners of the world, forcing them to face their inner demons and changing them forever.