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Jun 03, 2004 - Present




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A documentary series focused on the real-life world of homicide investigators.

The show takes an insider's look at homicide investigations, primarily what takes place within the first 48 hours. Most cases are solved in this time frame, but some go on for days, weeks, or even months.

Comments (84)

05/20/21 at 09:37pm

Don’t cancel it!
Regina Durst
08/23/20 at 11:30am

please do not cancel this show. I don't understand how anyone would believe this show demonstrates racism. I love this show!!
07/18/20 at 10:58am

Please DO NOT cancel the first 48 hours !!!!
It’s the only reality TV I watch. Whom ever thinks the show is any way racist needs to get a grip!!!
Sandi Thornton
06/30/20 at 07:11am

If they take The First 48 off,I will never watch anything on that channel.
06/29/20 at 08:12pm

Please don't take First 48 off. This is the only show I really watch all day.
06/24/20 at 11:55am

Please don't cancel First 48! I have watched it from the first season and it is the best show on TV now. I am very disappointed that LivePD has been taken off the air. I hope you will bring it back.
06/22/20 at 01:15pm

This is getting out of hand!! This show is not racist! How about STOP BREAKING THE LAW and you wouldn’t be seen in such negative light!!
06/22/20 at 07:10am

The First 48 is my favorite show. Please do not take it off. Care about your viewers not politics please.
Inez E. Lemon
06/22/20 at 06:09am

I watch first 48 hours from the time I turn on my TV in the morning ttill I turn my TV off at night when it is on please bring it back
06/21/20 at 09:31pm

Looking at tv guide a for tuesdy n see that first 48 is not on tv guide schedule bowing down to pc police n taking off live pd n first 48 will only get u ratings like cnn n alot of cancelations!!! good luck iim calling my cable company to cancel u!!

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