Veronica Mars

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Sep 22, 2004 - Jul 19, 2019








Veronica - Kristen BellDuncan - Teddy DunnLogan - Jason DohringWallace - Percy Daggs IIIWeevil - Francis CapraKeith - Enrico ColantoniLilly - Amanda Seyfried

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A drama following a young detective in a wealthy, seaside community.

Veronica used to be one of the popular girls, but it all came crumbling down after her best friend, Lilly Cane, was murdered. Her then-sheriff father, Keith, was removed from office for naming Lilly's rich father as a suspect.

During the day, Veronica attends high school like any normal seventeen-year-old girl does. But at night, she helps with her father's private investigator business. And what she finds may tear the town of Neptune apart at the seams.

Veronica Mars is a smart and fearless teenage apprentice private investigator dedicated to solving the town's toughest mysteries.

Comments (11)

06/30/20 at 06:32am

Who, as Fans of the show, would ever want it to end that way? I sure as hell didn't. Why?? WHY?? To take someone away like that, when we have watched it from the beginning. Just rip out my heart why don't you!
01/10/20 at 10:53pm

First off seasons 1-3 and the movies were A+ in my book. I loved this show and was hooked. Season 4 however, while I enjoyed it, it lacked a certain Veronica Mars charm. It took til near the end before I really enjoyed it. And that ending, I mean why that ending. I think the best think they could do is either rewrite season 4, go back to old ways and change the ending as many fans want or do season 5 and fix the mistakes and bring back Logan somehow. Otherwise, they need to end it where it is.
08/21/19 at 09:16am

Loved the new season. It was so great having new episodes to look forward to and enjoy again.
08/20/19 at 10:38am

I couldn't get into the new season. I don't want to do spoilers, but enough to say, I have very little interest left after this season!
08/15/13 at 08:17pm

i love this show i wish the would make another season this could be another amazing season i hope if they do come out with another season
04/05/13 at 11:27am

Have you heard about the Kick-starter to raise funds for a movie? March 2013
07/09/12 at 05:34pm

I wish she ~would do at least ONE album.. I think I'd love her style of POP ROCK! She can actually sing AND dance- she has all the maknigs of a perfect pop princess ;P (plus her music videos would be super cuute!) On a flip side, her sugary sweet voice as the good girl in Reefer Madness is totally in need of being used for an actual princess in some future animated movie musical.. XD
05/31/12 at 08:28pm

One of the best mystery/detective shows EVER. It was a very well thought-out story with a lot of complexity - must have been a difficult show to write. Such a disappointment that it was cancelled! So many loose, tantalizing ends never tied up. SOMEONE PLEASE hurry up and continue this show while Kristen Bell can still believably pass for a college student!!!
05/23/12 at 06:12am

this was one of the best written shows ever. the actors were terrific and the sarcastic humor made us smile!
Toni Robinson
05/08/12 at 10:10am

Like this one. It figures!

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