Cash Cab

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Dec 05, 2005 - Aug 26, 2020






Host - Ben Bailey

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A game show that takes place inside a taxi cab.

In this game show, unknowing contestants who hail the Cash Cab are brought into an instant game show, where host Ben Bailey fills them in on the premise and rules.

If the participants are willing, they answer questions worth money until they either reach their destination or strike out.

Comments (13)

05/14/12 at 02:00pm

What??? Watched this when there's not a dang thing on the other zillion worthless repetitive channels - which is quite often. Fun show.
Angela Vontrice
05/14/12 at 10:42am

This sucks... One of the Best game shows is signing off

04/28/12 at 09:20pm

NOOOOOOO! I love this show! It's like millionaire but more fun. Scares people. I want to host this show. Nice to leArn a little something from a the duck millionaires are still kicking....ya let's learn how to kill a frog and then take off their skin....UGH

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