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Dec 05, 2005 - Present




Host - Ben Bailey

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A game show that takes place inside a taxi cab.

In this game show, unknowing contestants who hail the Cash Cab are brought into an instant game show, where host Ben Bailey fills them in on the premise and rules.

If the participants are willing, they answer questions worth money until they either reach their destination or strike out.

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01/23/15 at 08:37am

PLEASE BRING BACK CASH CAB!!!!!!!!!!The best game show EVER!!!!!!!Miss it terribly. Everyone else that feels this way, please keep writing in!!!!😃
Bill Thackrey
09/07/13 at 10:01pm

Cash Cab was terrific. I was sorry to see it go. I can't say I really helped it stay on the air though. I never really knew when it would air. (I have a Tivo. I COULD have found out pretty easily.) It was always "Oh cool! Cash Cab is on!" and we'd watch an episode. It was a fun premise and Ben Baily carried it off nicely. Sorry to see it go.
07/14/13 at 12:05pm

What a shame, just started watching it. Good brain exercise and if you don't know the answer you at least learn something.
08/23/12 at 10:22am

@ Pat...the pre-screening of the contestants on this show only came by the way of casual conversation. A producer would briefly speak with the rider/s and if she thought they had a fairly average or above IQ they would alert Ben Baily as to where they were at..other Cabs would know and were paid to not pick up the fare. It was only after the lights came on in the CC did they know that they was on the show...All the legal paperwork was done after the destination was reached. In some instances when the show was new, people were leary about giving out info, for fear it was a scam.
08/23/12 at 10:17am

Great show..Great Host, I think the trivia age is over for a while, even Millionaire ran its coure..leaving only Jeopardy, even though I find Alex smug and pompus the show just wouldn't feel right without him.
I think CC may have shot themself in the foot when they added CC Chicago, being from Illinois at first I though it was great but in reflection anytime a show starts to do that it usually is a sign that its about to end...I guess its overload..Too bad maybe another network will pick it up ?
Jim Fields
07/21/12 at 06:14am

Great show and never missed it. CC would still be on the air if they had enough smart people to hail a cab in Alaska. I can see it now, "Ice Road Riders" or Deadliest Cab Ride"
Jerry J.
07/18/12 at 07:48am

really enjoy the questions and the reactions of the players... i find it very educational and entertaining which is hard to find these days on television.
please rethink your cancelation of this show.
05/22/12 at 08:33am

05/15/12 at 09:57am

Prob one of if not the best game show out there. Genius idea! What really bummed me out was when I read or heard
somewhere that all the contestants were pre-screened and not
just random pickups. So the contestants knew they on the show before entering the cab. I knew this was the situation on Cash Cab Vegas, which was obvious when Vegas celebs got into the cab. But fun to watch as they donated their winnings (if they won) to charities. Props to Penn and Teller (who lost) yet made a decent donation to a charity out of their own pockets.
Cash Cab, you will be missed.
05/14/12 at 07:38pm

Aw man! I loved this show.

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