Ghost Whisperer

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Sep 23, 2005 - May 21, 2010








Melinda - Jennifer Love HewittJim - David ConradDelia - Camryn ManheimEli - Jamie Kennedy

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A drama following a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead.

Melinda Gordon is a newlywed owner of a local antiques store. She also has the gift of being able to communicate with earthbound spirits who still have unfinished business in the world of the living.

In Ghost Whisperer, Melinda navigates between the dead and the living, acting as an intermediary between the ghosts and those they haunt. Melinda is supported by her husband, Jim, who knows that her gift takes an emotional toll on his wife.

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michael dobey
11/06/19 at 06:34pm

a chick flick horror show. But I sure liked it. Medium was the grittier one on but it also got the ax. The inbetween was a new medium basically and it was on in 2019. RIP to them all.
02/06/17 at 07:57pm

I hope CBS sees the massive irony that the act of cancelling this show without an ending season really is. For a show about unresolved issues... something for which people's ghost stuck on earth in hopes to resolve before crossing over, it was truly absurd not to write a last season where all storylines would be fully resolved. Viewers loved the show and deserved an ending, CBS decision to cancel the show without providing one was truly appalling, just one more reason not to support the network that engage in such practice... like I said elsewhere, it's like they sold all viewers a book with the last chapter missing defrauding all viewers out of their time and money.
07/01/16 at 06:07pm

that was my fav. show I litteraly cryed wene I found out
05/20/14 at 06:11am

I remember my best friend and I used to take the phone off the hook so we could watch the show. The good old day, good memories
03/26/14 at 07:39pm

I can't believed why great shows always cancelled any way
03/02/14 at 02:06pm

Anotha GREAT show Canceled!! Wish it would return!
10/19/13 at 12:14pm

Ghost Whisperer was definitely one of my favorites. I still miss it. :( I agree with another view you should have kept Jim alive. I didn't like that the professor left either I think if he would have stayed and you killed Jim they should have hooked up. I didn't care for Eli.
09/06/13 at 10:20pm

Im on the 5 season and im sad 17 more shows left till it ove why would yall do that i know it probly to late but still you leaving people hanging i watch that show every single day on netflix and know all my shows are finshed i have to wait for the new season of prettylittleliars,twisted,switchedatbirth,fosters,tennwolf
so sad i wished you put the show back on tv
01/18/13 at 07:31pm

I loved the show soooooooo much but I knew it wouldn't last that long but I don't care its on Netflix
01/16/13 at 10:23pm

This show would have been perfect if they hadn't killed Jim. That was their down fall, their kiss of death. So sad

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