How I Met Your Mother

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Sep 19, 2005 - Mar 31, 2014








Ted Mosby - Josh RadnorMarshall Eriksen - Jason SegelRobin Scherbatsky - Cobie SmuldersBarney Stinson - Neil Patrick HarrisLily Aldrin - Alyson Hannigan

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A sitcom where the main character tells his children the story how he came to meet their mother.

The story of How I Met Your Mother is told through flashbacks in the year 2030 by Ted to his son and daughter.

His story begins back when his best friend announced that he was engaged to get married. It was then that Ted realized that he is running out of time to find true love.

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05/21/12 at 02:12pm

I LOOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!. i find it very funny, and awesome. and i like the long wait to see when we will find out who teds wife is.. it makes the show even more awesome and suspenseful XD
carbon based
05/19/12 at 10:49am

END THIS SHOW SOON. It's old, silly and ....wait for it...done!
05/15/12 at 03:53pm

i think this show is taking way to long for ted to find the mother speed it up seems like everybodys life is mo0ving forward except for teds
Linda R.
04/09/12 at 05:58am

I also want Barney and Robin together and of course wondering who Ted ends up marrying and also Lilly and Marshall's baby. Should be a great year. Keep up the great writing.
Linda Raymond
03/23/12 at 10:14am

I am so glad this show is returning, I so want Barney and Robin together.

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