Brothers & Sisters

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Sep 24, 2006 - May 08, 2011








Justin - Dave AnnableNora - Sally FieldKitty - Calista FlockhartTommy - Balthazar GettySarah - Rachel GriffithsRobert - Rob LoweScotty - Luke MacfarlaneJulia - Sarah Jane MorrisSaul - Ron RifkinKevin - Matthew RhysRebecca - Emily VanCampHolly - Patricia WettigCooper - Maxwell Perry CottonPaige - Kerris Lilla Dorsey

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A drama following the lives of an upper-class family in Los Angeles, California.

Brothers & Sisters centers on the Walker family, which consists of Nora and her five grown children: Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin.

As the series begins, Nora's husband William suffers a fatal heart attack. After his death, secrets from his life are revealed that impact the rest of the family.

Comments (11)

07/23/13 at 06:59pm

I'm with the last posting. I looked so forward to Sunday nights and now NOTHING. Do not watch reality TV!!!
05/23/13 at 05:35am

Not sure why the TV stations continue to cancel good shows. It is a shame that they keep the really bad reality shows that no one that I know will watch.
05/20/13 at 06:35pm

I love this show sally fildes amazing as always and the rest of the cast too! I wish they would bring the show back watch the reruns all the time it should of never been canceled!
06/26/12 at 12:54pm

nice show, too bad it was cancelled after the 5th season
05/12/12 at 03:07pm

I'm so mad I just found out. It's bad enough to have to wait so long between episodes, but now
It's not coming back. A lot of us HATE REALITY TV !!!!
04/04/12 at 06:35pm

I am so tired of my shows being cancelled this was one of the good ones, I am so ready to boycott abc and ready to also others, come on alot of us watch them from Dvrs or tvo, do they count those recordings.Tired of reality shows and weight lose shows taking over my shows and there is really no where to vent or collect all who are upset on these cancelations for the networks.
03/18/12 at 06:32pm

My family and I watched this program every Sunday night for years. It was a decent family show that actually was realistic with the family's trial and tribulations. Please bring it back!
12/22/11 at 07:14pm

I keep waiting for my shows to come back on....guess what..?? they are not coming back...I am tired of watching shows for years and then the network just takes them off the warning!!poof just gone...who needs all this reality TV..really?
09/21/11 at 12:40pm

I love this show, the best in Television. I am beginning to think the networks don't know what they are doing or do they care.
This show was true to life,most people could relate to many of the story lines. Too many good shows are now being canceled. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!
09/13/11 at 05:21am

A real life, enjoyable show. WIth it's cancellation, there is no reason to turn on the TV on Sunday night. Disgusting "reality" shows and violent crime/police agency shows are dominating prime time. My family will look elsewhere for entertainment. "Brothers and Sisters" was a pleasure to watch. We need shows like that or it's off to Blockbuster's or Redbox!

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