Men in Trees

- Cancelled -
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Sep 12, 2006 - Jun 11, 2008




Comedy / Drama




Marin - Anne HecheAnnie - Emily BerglPatrick - Derek RichardsonJane - Seana KofoedJack - James TupperBuzz - John AmosBen - Abraham BenrubiSara - Suleka MathewTheresa - Sarah StrangeCelia - Cynthia Stevenson

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A comedy/drama about a relationship coach's misadventures in her own relationships.

Marin Frist is an expert on relationships, knowing what women should look for and what they should avoid when looking for their ideal mate. But like so many other "experts" before her, she's terrible at following her own advice.

When Marin finds out that her fiance has been cheating on her and gets stranded in a small town, she finds support from her friends and publisher back home, who help her take time to appreciate more of what life has to offer.

Comments (4)

Mark Dickehage
04/13/18 at 09:31am

ABC always cancels the good shows. I think ABC stands for "Always Being Cancelled"
05/23/13 at 06:09am

Another one I enjoyed that was taken off the air.
12/11/12 at 07:19pm

I loved this show. i can't understand why it hasn't come out on DVD!!
05/05/12 at 06:32pm

I loved this! It was silly, fun & a great change from other shows!

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