Dirty Sexy Money

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Sep 26, 2007 - Aug 08, 2009








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A lawyer is forced to step into his late father's shoes and take care of one of New York City's wealthiest families.

This drama series revolves around Nick George, whose entire life has been lived in the shadow of the wealthy Darling family, for whom his father was a personal lawyer.

As an adult he's tried to distance himself from that life, however after his father's suspicious death, he takes over his job as the Darling family lawyer. The position promises more money, but also comes at the cost of comprimising his morals and his marriage.

Comments (6)

02/14/14 at 03:02pm

i loved this show so much watched both seasons back to back then cancelled WTF ?
10/30/12 at 11:19am

Your kidding right? They don't care about viewers in the USA. 9.5 million on the neslson ratings..and that isn't even close to the true number of viewers. They do this show after show after show. Nothing will ever change, they will be doing this in 3030 , 6009 ..basically as long as tv exists O-o rat ba$tard$
09/15/12 at 06:00pm

FAVORITE SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/25/12 at 07:59am

Couldn't agree more with the comments, yet another great show cancelled. Bet your bottom $ the networks don't give a **** about ratings outside of the US!
05/14/12 at 05:07pm

So loved this show! Missed the last one bc they screwed it all up!!! Leave it to ABC!!
m.d. mapp
03/14/12 at 12:42pm

Here is another one that my husband & I enjoyed watching. At least bring it back to end it.

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