Paranormal State

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Dec 10, 2007 - May 02, 2011






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A docudrama focused on the investigation of paranormal activity.

Paranormal State follows the Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society, a student-led college club, as the students investigate paranormal phenomena at reportedly haunted locations.

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10/16/16 at 00:07am

i am not a skeptic. i do believe in spirits, ghosts, and paranormal phenomena. i live with an open mind. i also believe that MOST of the time it can be explained by some kind of natural penomena or mental issues. ok, now that i have said that. this was the most STAGED, SCRIPED, ridiculous paranormal show i have ever seen. to the point of insulting my intelligence. oh, and rumor has it, ryan lied about having pancreatic cancer.. just sayin'..

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