Breaking Bad

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Jan 20, 2008 - Sep 29, 2013








Walter - Bryan CranstonSkyler - Anna GunnJesse - Aaron PaulHank - Dean NorrisWalter Jr. - RJ MitteMarie - Betsy BrandtSaul - Bob OdenkirkGus - Giancarlo EspositoMike - Jonathan Banks

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A drama following a terminally ill man who turns to crime to secure his family's financial future.

Walter White is a chemistry teacher living in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son, who has cerebral palsy. When Walter is given two years to live after being diagnosed with cancer, he turns to crime as a way to ensure his family is provided for after he dies. With a new sense of fearlessness due to his fatal diagnosis, Walter finds himself thriving in the drug trade.

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09/28/13 at 11:15pm

What to do without my Breaking Bad fix?? I hope the "Better Call Saul" spinoff will be as compelling as this show. As long as Vince Gilligan is the brains behind it, it should be.
04/30/13 at 05:15pm

Obsessed.... Love this show!!!! Writers why on earth would you want to try and end this show? Stop and think about this and please, please I am begging you. listen to your viewers. This show is better then chocolate, whip cream and strawberries on top. This is a freaking awesome glued to your seat show. This is by far my favourite and it saddens me to hear this is the last season. Us viewers are taking our time out of our schedules to let networks know how we feel, yet we are being ignored. Are there other factors that could be coming into play if ratings are down. Do networks even consider this? I love, love, love this show. It has drama, mystery excitement, comedy, suspense all wrapped up in a wonderful gift for viewers pleasure. Writers, networks, I am sending you this message, please listen, you have our attention why end it. There is so much more you can do with this show.
01/13/13 at 10:16pm

badass show
12/27/12 at 06:41am

@Sandy- no you don't. Just find the episodes via internet. Type "breaking bad season 5 episode 1 tv links", or whatever episode you need. Works for me.
Royce Bufford
11/25/12 at 06:02pm

this has been the best show ever on TV. I can't believe they're going to cancel!!! Why would AMC want to cancel a hit show!!
10/13/12 at 07:04pm

I have the satellite co. that dropped AMC and WE, and now have to wait for the final season to come out on DVD. Loved this show, started watching it late in the 3rd season and caught right up!!
Cory Casper
09/03/12 at 03:41am

I'm really not sure how I will survive until next summer without this show. In time, it will pass, but this is going to be hell waiting for my next BrBa fix!
08/05/12 at 00:15am

Is it over?
05/27/12 at 08:09am

Why was the"breaking bad" series taken off the satellite television after series 2 as I understand there is series 3,4,5,and 6.but not on british television.

It is a crying shame as it this was an excellent and exciting story and different from a lot of the mundane stuff we get from america.

Any comments.


05/16/12 at 09:27pm

No not final episodes!!! I love this show.!

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