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Jan 09, 2008 - Apr 04, 2012








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A spin-off of the Ghost Hunters brand, this version follows paranormal investigators around the world.

In this paranormal reality series, the Ghost Hunters International team travels around the world, documenting some of the most legendary haunted locations.

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tom carnocchan
10/24/14 at 09:50pm

I have a good inferred camera in my garage with office & apt,above it.every night & early day,i h ave seen orbs,& beems of lighs from basket ball size to baseball ones strobing constantly.seen rag flooting around top & stop at camera with two black eyes cut out for minute take off.footsteps heard coming up stairs nobody there in dark.ball head & square body float onto my Harley bike.a spider with five legs foated 20 ft,& a part worm wiggle out upper top front for a minute or two.things move,for no reason.bangs,talking heard also.ect.i have chip recordings to prove.not good at texting.please call me a.s.p. at 705-447-0348. gooderham/onterio Canada.girl has seen remote toys moving around &remotes were shutoff.seen ghost ect.please call back for more info. no texting just phone please thank you for your time.
10/12/13 at 07:18pm

I believe this show is canceled
05/21/13 at 02:23pm

Another show about people in the dark with flash lights and making up stores about what they want to see and hear. It is funny that after so many people trying to prove this show is real or a factual science that they don't seem to understand it is on the SyFy Channel - as in Science Fiction. I would like to see a comedy about these shows.
04/23/13 at 11:03pm

It would be nice if Syfy would ever announce whether shows are cancelled or not. They usually seem to put them on hiatus forever. This show was ruined when the original castmembers left. The last group just didn't work.
03/27/13 at 12:28pm

I love this show also..Curious that the regular Ghost Hunters didnt transfer over 1 of the team members when Grant left the show..Stranded isnt too bad. Reminds me of the show Scariest Places in Earth
01/24/13 at 01:04pm

Love the show. It's great to see how the other parts of the world deal with the ghost issue. We need seasons 3 - 9 at least. There are a lot of places in the world that are haunted. I don't think they have covered them all yet.
12/13/12 at 11:44am

GHI has been cancelled. I was a finalist for a new Pilgrim Studios Series called " Notorious Haunts ", the working title was " Paranormal Figures " . Finalists were flown to L.A. during the second week of November and the Screen Testing took place the first week of this month. Filming starts January 3rd and continues through the end of March. The show will have the Investigators fly around the World and research History's most notorious Haunts and Evil doers. It will also go more in depth on the History of the location and the dastardly deads done By the likes of Jack the Ripper, Dracula etc . . . Basically a new spin on GHI. Sorry to break the bad news to you.
Ruth Anne
11/29/12 at 12:13pm

Would it be possible for someone to tell us if GHI is coming back on? I like it and I like that the investigators aren't a bunch of eye candy...they are regular people. So how about it? Is it coming back or not, please...someone?
11/07/12 at 05:02pm

I want season 4!!!!!
09/03/12 at 12:49pm

I first became hooked on a British series called "Most Haunted". What I didn't like about the series was their lack of involvement with investigating their experiences. That is what I like about GH and GHI. They are there for a reason to prove or disprove claims and experiences.

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